Alejandro Mieses Castellanos

Courses Taught (in the last four semesters prior to current visit):

ARQU 5006 – Computer Graphics: 3D Modeling

ARQU 5995 – Grasshopper

ARQU 5995 – Geographic Information System (GIS)

ARQU 6312 – Advanced Architectural Design II

ARQU 6991 – Visual and Digital Representation

Educational Credentials:

(2011) Master’s Degree in Architecture & Urbanism, Architectural Association University, London.

(2009) Bachelor’s in Architecture, School of Architecture, Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico. Hato
Rey, Puerto Rico.

Teaching Experience:

(2020-Present) Professor. School of Architecture, University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus.

(2019) Visiting Assistant Professor. School of Architecture, Mississippi State University.

(2018-Present) Consultant and International Collaborator. Pedro Henríquez Ureña National University, Santo Domingo.

(2011-Present) Professor. School of Architecture, Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico. Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Professional Experience:

(2019-Present) Director. TerraFirma, Software LLC, Software and Research Studio. San Juan, Puerto Rico.

(2018-Present) Team Member. Innovation and Territorial Intelligence for Dominican Laboratory,
Technological Institute of Santo Domingo (INTEC) and the Inter-American, Bank of Development (BID). Dominican Republic.

(2011-2017) Co-founder & Director of Interaction Design. Post Data. San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Selected Publications and Recent Research:

(2022) Insurance Tech Panel, Annual Congress of Accountants. One of three selected companies forming a panel of technology for the insurance industry in PR.

(2022) TerraFirma’s Work. School of Architecture, University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus.

(2021) Interview and panel regarding TerraFirma’s technology. PR Science Trust.

(2019) “Rezoning NYC Through Big Data”, Data & Matter Exhibition. Routledge, Oxford, UK. Lorenzo Eiroa, P. Mieses Castellanos. [Ed.] A. Del Signore, M., Diniz, N., Melendez, F. Taylor & Francis.(2022) Google SDG Americas Demo Days Pitch Presentation.

(2017-Present) “Comprehensive Environmental Simulation Software of Long-Term Natural Phenomena for Community Education Purpose”. Conservation Innovation Grant.

(2015-Present) “Synthesizing the Gaseous State”. In-Kind Contributions from PCUPR SoA, Charles University, Prague and the University of Toronto.

(2015-2017) TerraFirma Augmented Reality Sandbox and Software. Funding from PCUPR SoA.

Recent Creative Work:

(2021) Recipient. Guayacán Enterprize $50,000 Competition Award. As part of terraFirma LLC, selected among 35 companies as first prize overall and best technology prize.

(2021) Recipient. Google for Startups United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Advisory Program. As part of terraFirma LLC. Advisory and Mentorship program.

(2021) Recipient. Parallel 18 Acceleration Program. As part of terraFirma LLC, selected among entrepreneurs in Puerto Rico to receive a $40,000 grant and participate in Parallel 18 entrepreneurship program. This program is part of the PR Science, Technology and Research Trust.

Link to CV or portfolio: