Course Code: ARQU 6991

The course covers the study of reinforced concrete systems, including its mechanical properties, considerations regarding the advantages and disadvantages of its employment, and specificities about its design methods and their application in the construction industry. Emphasis is also made on technical standards, nomenclature and its use in the field, construction codes compliance requirements, and product specifications in construction documentation. The course includes an introduction to the general aspects and mechanical properties of steel structures.

Understand the variables to be considered in order to assess the advantages and/or disadvantages of reinforced concrete systems employed in the design of an architectural project.

Evidence the minimum knowledge necessary to comply with relevant construction code requirements regarding the design of structural systems.

Learn to evaluate the structural capacity of a components of a structural system.

Demonstrate the knowledge of design procedures and applicable code compliance.

Achieve the ability to communicate abstract, as well as, technical ideas in relation to the design and performance of a reinforced concrete system.

Develop the ability to interpret technical documentation, such as: details, shop drawings, and specifications related to components of a structural system

ID Contenido Duración
001 Reinforced Concrete Systems 8 weeks
002 Steel Systems 3 weeks

Nixaly Ramírez Lorenzo