Course Code: ARQU 6311

The course integrates issues of sustainability, technology and structures with a design process that leads to a medium-scale building proposal. Students will first engage an initial research phase that entails assessment, critical inquiry and strategic analysis of: historical data; general, regional, area and special zoning regulations; applicable codes of agencies that have a say in the area of intervention; and international, national and local building codes. During the second phase, the students will develop an individual design project that integrates the results of the previous investigation to their process. Final presentations consist of detailed design development documentation that illustrates the inner workings of responsible contemporary building design.

Complete a group research phase that will guide the design process throughout the semester that includes the development of: research skills, awareness of cultural diversity, definition of pre-design criteria, identification of site-design issues, an understanding of the client’s needs and the ability to work in collaboration with others.

Develop an individual building project that reveals efficient use of precedents, informed design thinking and applied research, and addresses essential concerns related to: accessibility, life safety, sustainability, as well as, building environmental, service, and structural systems.

ID Contenido Duración
001 Initial Research 3 weeks
002 Building Design:

-Schematic design

-Incorporation of research material

-Preliminary design

-Integration of building systems

11 weeks
003 Final Presentation 2 weeks

Fedrico Bares

Manuel Bermúdez

José C. Caro

José R. Coleman-Davis Pagan

Emilio Martinez

Ricardo Medina

Andrés Mignucci