Course Code: ARQU 6321

The topics covered in this specialized technology course include mechanical systems, environmental controls, life safety codes, and means of egress and circulation. The topics are presented in a comprehensive and integrated manner in relation to the spatial and structural design of a building system. Each topic will also be illustrated with traditional and contemporary examples and addressed in terms of local and regional context.

Explore the methods, strategies, and mechanical environmental control systems and how to incorporate them in the schematic design phase.

Select the strategies of the diverse alternatives of applied systems with emphasis on the economic and energetic impact.

Accrue the necessary knowledge to discuss with consultants, of each professional practice discipline, to select the appropriate options for each pertinent building issue.

Understand the basic considerations to design basic fire protection systems.

Develop the capacity to apply relevant issues to the process of designing drinking, sewer, and rainwater management systems.

Explore the principles and methods of circulation, vertical and horizontal transport as per the spatial requirements of the presented design program.

Be Familiarized with codes and standard information resources guide the practice of architecture and these technologies.

Establish a rational methodology for decision making as to the different technological components and systems that impact architectural design.

ID Contenido Duración
001 Plumbing systems 4 weeks
002 Fire control and suppression systems 4 weeks
003 Mechanical ventilation and air conditioning systems 4 weeks
004 Conveying systems 4 weeks

Juan C. Penabad Sanchez