Course Code: ARQU 6145

The course provides an introduction to the theory and practice of research processes in the field of architectural design. The course covers the principles, methods and techniques used in architectural research and is meant to provide fundamental skills needed for the student to prepare a Thesis/Capstone Theme Proposal that is delivered at the end of the semester.

Understand fundamental research concepts and their application to the field of architecture.

Learn to identify the available bibliographical resources and archives, as well as, other institutional and media depositories that provide for rigorous research documentation.

Be Aware of the ethical and legal principles related to information management processes.

Develop necessary investigative skills to effectively select among different research modes and paradigms.

Cultivate essential critical thinking skills needed to perform research.

Improve and apply necessary writing skills prepare clear and concise research proposals.

Apply the capacity to formulate a research inquiry that will serve as a draft of their personal Thesis/Capstone Theme Proposal required for graduation from the professional Master of Architecture degree.

ID Contenido Duración
001 Research Paradigms 1 weeks
002 Architectural Research Processes 2 weeks
003 Quantitative Methodsr 1 weeks
004 Visual Methods & Information Representation 1 weeks
005 Research Theme Delimitation 1 weks
006 Research Theme Justification & Objectives 2 weks
007 Information Sources Managementn 2 weks
008 Research-Related Ethical & Legal Issues 2 weks
009 Thesis/Capstone Theme Proposal 2 weks

María Magdalena Campo Urrutia

Humberto E. Cavallin

Lilliana Ramos Collado