Course Code: ARQU 6313

Each course participant will perform supervised individual work that will demonstrate the student’s capacity to identify an architectural issue/design problem that leads to relevant research. The work will demonstrate the capability to formulate a building program that addresses the concerns raised

Apply fundamental research concepts and their application to the field of architecture.

Develop a comprehensive understanding of architectural design as a field of research and practice.

Understand the criteria involved in the development of architectural design judgment.

Select among different research modes and paradigms.

Identify the available bibliographical resources and archives, as well as, other institutional and media depositories that provide for rigorous research documentation.

Be Aware of the ethical and legal principles related to information management processes.

Cultivate essential critical thinking skills needed to perform research.

Improve and apply necessary writing skills prepare clear and concise research proposals.

Complete the development of relevant proposal of applying the research to a design proposal.

ID Contenido Duración
001 Research (minimum of two meetings with Thesis Committee) 12 weeks
002 Application to Design Proposal 2 weeks
003 Degree Exam 1 weeks

Fedrico Bares

Manuel Bermúdez

José C. Caro

José R. Coleman-Davis Pagan

Emilio Martinez

Ricardo Medina

Andrés Mignucci

Brigida Hogan

Victor Nieo

María Magdalena Campo Urrutia

Andrea M. Bauza

Mayra Jiménez

Elio S. Martinez Joffre