Course Code: ARQU 6314

This is a continuation course in which each participant will perform supervised individual work that will demonstrate the student’s capacity to identify an architectural issue/design problem that leads to relevant form making and construction. The work will demonstrate as well the capability to formulate a building design that addresses the concerns raised in the previous research phase (ARQU-6313).

Understand: the need to broaden the existing fields of architectural knowledge production.

Demonstrate adequate social awareness in order to responsibly serve the needs of local communities.

Study the complexity involved in the formulation of an architectural intervention within the natural, cultural and social environment.

Be Motivated to embark on an experimental, research-based approach to the architectural design problem.

Incorporate life safety standards, codes and regulations in the design of an architectural project.

Research a topic related to architectural design.

Cultivate critical thinking and creative capacities.

Participate in wider scenarios for the discussion and exchange of ideas.

Seek to question the practice of architecture in order to improve the understanding of the activity itself.

Complete a comprehensive analysis of architectural systems in terms of their symbolic, spatial, structural, technical and urban aspects.

Design a comprehensive design proposal of architectural systems in terms of their symbolic, spatial, structural, technical, urban, material, constructive, and urban aspects.

Present the proposal with efficient verbal, textual, and visual communication of the ideas that comprise the proposed building design.

ID Contenido Duración
001 Research and site analysis 2 weeks
002 Schematic Design 3 weeks
003 Design Development 5 weeks
004 Preliminary Presentation 2 weeks
005 Final Presentation 3 weeks

Federico Bares Ibarra

Manuel Bermúdez García

José C. Caro Gónzalez

José R. Coleman-Davis

Emilio Martinez Cimadevilla

Ricardo Medina Juarbe

Andrés Mignucci Giannomi

Brigida Hogan

Victor Nieto

María Magdalena Campo Urrutia

Andrea M. Bauza

Mayra Jiménez

Elio S. Martinez Joffre